Small-Breasted Beauties

The title pretty much says it all, yes? A little Tumblr blog dedicated to beautiful ladies that aren't burdened with excess front-end baggage. Legal stuff: NSFW. If you're under 18, please come back when you have that magic birthday. No underage here, either. Photos belong to their creators, not me. And I'm happy to remove any possible copyright infringements if you send me enough info to identify the picture in question.
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It’s Mermaid Monday!  Take an artistic selfie and submit it here to be one of my featured Mermaids!  Love you all!  xoxo

Photo by Mochul’skii Leonid



As a kid I used to get naked anywhere I went. Yesterday morning I was driving far from home when I saw this vineyard and decided to stop to sunbathe, eat sour grapes and take some photographs. During the cold days in the city I forget this is still possible. Anyway, this one screams NN to me and I thought you should have it. Have a wonderful week!


This is definitely a beautiful photo that fits perfect on Submission Sunday. The colour is so nice, I’m glad you included the grapes and leaves from the vineyard you visited. I really like how your hair is blowing over your face. Thanks for showing off your sunbathing and sharing your adventurous spirit with us. 

I took this one last week with my iPhone, during a very happy day.



Kara Neko by Creative Rehab 

Kara on the Dock Light bench, by me.

Lo-res 120 film scan.