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The title pretty much says it all, yes? A little Tumblr blog dedicated to beautiful ladies that aren't burdened with excess front-end baggage. Legal stuff: NSFW. If you're under 18, please come back when you have that magic birthday. No underage here, either. Photos belong to their creators, not me. And I'm happy to remove any possible copyright infringements if you send me enough info to identify the picture in question.
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Not sure if there’s a theme this week but I sense vulnerability, so I decided to submit this picture of myself where, beyond the mask, I recognize little gestures of accepted weakness. The thing is, I’m not sure where I have my mask. Lots of love!

Vulnerability definitely plays into Submission Sunday each week. We recognize it takes a lot for some people to submit and put themselves out there, and we appreciate every photo that we get, even the ones that we don’t post. There’s nothing about your post that would keep us from posting it though, it’s beautiful, well thought out, and very well composed.

That’s me.


Hey mi

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Pierrine & the mug.
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by Jacek Korona